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shifting time of year

Fall seems to finally be settling in. We had a few random days where it hit almost 100 degrees, but temps have come down, and today we have our first chilly, rainy day. Typically, the cold has me thinking of Florida, and our some-day move back there. Today however, it’s bringing me to Asheville, NC.

Those who know Oscar and I know that it’s our dream to move to Asheville one day. Actually, Asheville is our settle place. As in, when we’re ready to really put down roots, we want it to be in Asheville. If you’ve never been, I can’t recommend enough you take your next trip there. Asheville is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, at a low elevation, so you can experience all four seasons without any of the extremes. Here outside Chicago we get down to and below zero every winter, and come summer, we hit 100. I’m not a fan of those extremes. Asheville’s coldest month is January, and the average high is 47.


That’s downright balmy in January to us here in the mid-west!


Weaverville (outside Asheville) last Thanksgiving

So, my heart is in Asheville today, dreaming about the food(I could make a post just on this!), the culture, the art and the chocolate (oh, the chocolate!!). Oscar and I have had some talks about the life we envision when we move to Asheville, and a business idea. My thoughts are on that as well. The past year has been especially challenging, with life throwing things at me, at us, that at times I didn’t think I was strong enough to handle. I’m at a point today, however, where I see my  past and my future in one window pane. I realize that if it weren’t for my past, my vision of the future wouldn’t be what it is. The challenges of the past year have given me opportunities for growth, and lessons that I needed to learn from, to build a better foundation for my dreams of the future. I know, it sounds super deep and cheesy, but such is life!

As I write this I’m listening to the Mumford & Sons Pandora station, because that music always brings me to Asheville. Here’s a song from the Old Crow Medicine Show that just popped up, which feels like Asheville to me:



Musica! “Hey Ho” by Lennon and Maisy Stella

I got hooked on the show Nashville last fall when it premiered. I was on a road trip with my mom, and that night in the hotel she insisted on watching. It’s a really good show, IMO. There are two sisters on the show, the daughter of one of the main characters. During last weeks episode the story line had the sisters singing and playing guitar for the first time. I was blown away. I love the song “Hey Ho” by The Lumineers, and I’m not typically a fan of covers, but these girls have some serious talent. Turns out that they’re sisters in real life who perform together, Lennon & Maisy.  I found a video of them performing one of their original songs on Ryan Seacrest’s website. I think these girls are making a name for themselves. Enjoy!


Musica! Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (again)

I get to see them perform this summer in Milwaukee. Happy? No. Excited? No. Bursting out my skin with joy? Yep!


Music That Makes My Heart Hurt | Trampled By Turtles

I heard this song on my Mumford & Son’s Pandora station, and OH! “And I love you, little darlin.” This part makes time stand still for a moment, and that’s why I have to share it with you as part of my “Music that makes my heart hurt.”



Cuba Tugs at my Heartstrings

Today I watched a documentary on the Buena Vista Social Club. I’ve known their music for many many years, so when I was browsing for  movie to watch and it popped up, I was set! If you haven’t heard of them, you’re missing out, truly. By happenstance this group came together, comprised of some of Cuba’s forgotten legends, and ahhhhh. If you have Hulu, the documentary can be watched there.

Watching and listening got me thinking about my interest in Cuba. It started in college as I became familiar with Salsa, then a guy in one of my classes did his final project on the differences between America and Cuba.

His parents had been many times illegally, and took him with. He talked about the people, and how it hadn’t been Americanized with McDonalds and Burger Kings and Hiltons etc. This intrigued me.

I know there are deep emotions for some when it comes to Cuba, but my interest lies in learning the people, the culture. Hearing the music, feeling the rhythm of the land.

Some day I will make it to Cuba. I don’t know how, as I’m a bit of a chicken shit to try and do it illegally, but I fear if I wait until the United States has lifted it’s sanctions that Cuba as it is will start to disappear, be over run by us, as we tend to do.

It’s something that sits there though, in the background. Times like today it’s brought to the forefront, reminding me that it hasn’t left, and I need to make it happen.

I’ll leave you with this song, that from the first beat, clutches my heart, and won’t let go.



Have you ever been to Cuba? Is there a place like this for you?

Musica! The Lumineers

I’ve heard this song maybe once or twice before, but as I was sitting on me comp listening to the Mumford and Sons station on Pandora it came on, and I remembered how much I liked it when I first heard it. SO. I wanted to share. Enjoy!


Musica! Lily Kershaw

Oscar and I are Criminal Minds junkies. Love the show, and have our DVR set to record any and all episodes until we’ve successfully seen all episodes from all seasons. I realize we could just buy/rent the series dvds, but what fun would that be!?!? Anyways, on the most recent season finale, it ended with this beautiful song. I really love the raw-ness of her voice. She’s a new artist, and I’ve yet to find more songs, but I hope they’re as good as this first. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!


Musica! Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Be still my beating heart. One of my most favorite bands ever, I’m that dork who has seen them 8-10 times (I lost count) in 5 different states. Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI is where I first saw them live, and is where I’ve seen them the most, but I can’t remember how many times. When I graduated from high school my mom took me, my then boy-friend, sister and cousin to San Antonio, TX to see him. My step-sister and I created a whole road-trip vacation out of seeing him in Saratoga Springs, NY one summer, my now husband and I hit up Atlanta, GA a few years ago, and once again, my step-sister and I saw him in Tampa a couple years ago. (Tampa was by far, THE worst venue, indoors, not cool, at all).

So yeah, I love his music and his shows. One of my favorites:



Ah, Laura Marling! I love her voice, and her music. It’s sad, and haunting, yet uplifting, all depending upon my mood. Here’s one of my favorites, New Romantic:



I LOVE music. You’ll come to learn that, because I will probably post a lot of music videos on here.

This video is by Mana ft. Prince Royce. I love the beat, it’s Bachata, which is possibly my favorite of the latin styles/dances. I also love their voices, so rich. I don’t speak spanish, so I have no idea what they’re saying, but I know it sounds beautiful. Enjoy!