Why Hello Again!

Hey y’all, wow it’s been a minute.

I’ve been saying for a while that I want to get back to writing here, but I couldn’t figure out what my focus would be. I had to have the perfect idea, with the perfect things I could write about, and I had to have it all perfectly organized. So today I made a decision:

Fuck that Shit.

I’m just going to start. I don’t know what direction this will take, or what I’ll primarily focus on. At this point, I’m just going to write what comes to mind, post some photos, and go from there. Expect lots of Mama focused posts, as that’s my current season in life, but also just musings on life in general, music, photography and possibly some food related stuff.

Who knows. It’ll be an Odyssey for all of us!

I looked at this last post that I’d written, way back in September 2013, it’s kind of surreal to read. I wrote about how I was thinking about Asheville, that Oscar and I wanted to settle there one day. Fast forward to now, 2 years and 6 months later, and life finds us living here! Technically we’re just over an hour southeast of Asheville, but none the less, Oscar works in Asheville, and I go there every few weeks. Our plan was to move to where we are to get our feet back on the ground, then move to Asheville. You’d think after 32 years I’d get it that nothing ever goes “as planned”.

We moved at the beginning of August 2014, and here we are, still not “on our feet”. When we moved I was 6 months pregnant, and it’s been a roller coaster. We’re here though. We did what we needed to do in Illinois to be able to move, and we made it happen. So I know we’ll make the next step happen when the time is right (and we figure out what it is, haha!).

I’ll talk more about that another time, for now, I’m enjoying the feeling from reading that last post, knowing where we’re at now. Asheville, and Western North Carolina, is absolutely beautiful. We’ve had our share of culture shock, but more and more I enjoy the beautiful mountains, breathing the air, the friendly people, and my day trips into Asheville!




2 thoughts on “Why Hello Again!

  1. lel2052 says:

    Isn’t it funny how the universe adjusts our perfect plan? I’ve learned to pay attention, follow where I am ilo where I planned on being. Hmm….isn’t that interesting?????

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