Monthly Archives: September 2013

shifting time of year

Fall seems to finally be settling in. We had a few random days where it hit almost 100 degrees, but temps have come down, and today we have our first chilly, rainy day. Typically, the cold has me thinking of Florida, and our some-day move back there. Today however, it’s bringing me to Asheville, NC.

Those who know Oscar and I know that it’s our dream to move to Asheville one day. Actually, Asheville is our settle place. As in, when we’re ready to really put down roots, we want it to be in Asheville. If you’ve never been, I can’t recommend enough you take your next trip there. Asheville is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, at a low elevation, so you can experience all four seasons without any of the extremes. Here outside Chicago we get down to and below zero every winter, and come summer, we hit 100. I’m not a fan of those extremes. Asheville’s coldest month is January, and the average high is 47.


That’s downright balmy in January to us here in the mid-west!


Weaverville (outside Asheville) last Thanksgiving

So, my heart is in Asheville today, dreaming about the food(I could make a post just on this!), the culture, the art and the chocolate (oh, the chocolate!!). Oscar and I have had some talks about the life we envision when we move to Asheville, and a business idea. My thoughts are on that as well. The past year has been especially challenging, with life throwing things at me, at us, that at times I didn’t think I was strong enough to handle. I’m at a point today, however, where I see my ┬ápast and my future in one window pane. I realize that if it weren’t for my past, my vision of the future wouldn’t be what it is. The challenges of the past year have given me opportunities for growth, and lessons that I needed to learn from, to build a better foundation for my dreams of the future. I know, it sounds super deep and cheesy, but such is life!

As I write this I’m listening to the Mumford & Sons Pandora station, because that music always brings me to Asheville. Here’s a song from the Old Crow Medicine Show that just popped up, which feels like Asheville to me: