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Music That Makes My Heart Hurt | Zacarias Ferreira

I love love love Bachata. It’s one of my most favorite genres of music. It’s beat is electric, I almost always can not sit still when it comes on. Some songs pull at me more than others.

“Siento Que Te Quiero” by Zacarias Ferreira is one of those.

To be honest, I don’t know spanish, so I’m not certain what it is that he’s saying. When the chorus hits however, the emotion he conveys goes right to my core. That paired with the beat he chooses for the moment makes magic for me.

Enjoy, and get movin!!



Musica! “Hey Ho” by Lennon and Maisy Stella

I got hooked on the show Nashville last fall when it premiered. I was on a road trip with my mom, and that night in the hotel she insisted on watching. It’s a really good show, IMO. There are two sisters on the show, the daughter of one of the main characters. During last weeks episode the story line had the sisters singing and playing guitar for the first time. I was blown away. I love the song “Hey Ho” by The Lumineers, and I’m not typically a fan of covers, but these girls have some serious talent. Turns out that they’re sisters in real life who perform together, Lennon & Maisy.  I found a video of them performing one of their original songs on Ryan Seacrest’s website. I think these girls are making a name for themselves. Enjoy!