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Cuba Tugs at my Heartstrings

Today I watched a documentary on the Buena Vista Social Club. I’ve known their music for many many years, so when I was browsing for  movie to watch and it popped up, I was set! If you haven’t heard of them, you’re missing out, truly. By happenstance this group came together, comprised of some of Cuba’s forgotten legends, and ahhhhh. If you have Hulu, the documentary can be watched there.

Watching and listening got me thinking about my interest in Cuba. It started in college as I became familiar with Salsa, then a guy in one of my classes did his final project on the differences between America and Cuba.

His parents had been many times illegally, and took him with. He talked about the people, and how it hadn’t been Americanized with McDonalds and Burger Kings and Hiltons etc. This intrigued me.

I know there are deep emotions for some when it comes to Cuba, but my interest lies in learning the people, the culture. Hearing the music, feeling the rhythm of the land.

Some day I will make it to Cuba. I don’t know how, as I’m a bit of a chicken shit to try and do it illegally, but I fear if I wait until the United States has lifted it’s sanctions that Cuba as it is will start to disappear, be over run by us, as we tend to do.

It’s something that sits there though, in the background. Times like today it’s brought to the forefront, reminding me that it hasn’t left, and I need to make it happen.

I’ll leave you with this song, that from the first beat, clutches my heart, and won’t let go.



Have you ever been to Cuba? Is there a place like this for you?


52 words.

I can’t bring myself to sit down and actually write a post. Except this. I could get myself to write this.

I entered an essay contest last month, and was a finalist. I didn’t win, there were many great entries. If you’re interested, you can read my essay here

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