The Sun is Shining

What a stunningly beautiful day. It’s 80 degrees, in mid-March, outside Chicago. Yesterday was just as beautiful. This past winter was one of the mildest I’ve ever seen, and considering my disdain for winter, I fully appreciated it. But now I’m feeling apprehensive. The 10 day forecast shows us expecting 70+ degree weather for the next 8 days, followed by 60’s. It’s only March. I KNOW we have at least 1 more snow in us. I’m fairly certain we’ll go back to the 30’s, most definitely the 40’s, and as much as I’ve appreciated the mild weather, this warmup has me spoiled me, and when the temp drops again, I’m going to be downright pissed. I know I know, not very grateful of me.

ANYwho……The thing about it for me, besides disliking the cold, is that I need sunshine and a warm breeze to keep my mood up. I have challenges with bout of depression, and the winter months are even more challenging for me. Now that the sun is shining later, and I can have the windows open, something about it stirs my soul, and I feel more…..alive I suppose, cliche as that sounds.

Today was a day off for me, and in the winter, I would have spent it in bed until about 10 or so, gotten up, eaten breakfast while watching one of my dvr’d shows, then once it was over, figured what the hell, I’ll go ahead and watch another one. Once that was over, I would have realized I need to go to the store to get something for dinner, but that would also entail I get dressed. So. Much. Work.

Today though, with the warmth and sunshine, I was up before 8, ate breakfast while watching one show, then headed out the door to my p’s to let Coco and their dogs run for 45 mins, hit the grocery store, lunch, back home a half hour walk with a friend, photo editing, some magazine reading, and now, at 3:15, I’m typing this out.

Clearly this weather agrees with me!

Do you find that certain weather condition effect your mood and energy levels? Surely I’m not alone here!


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